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PHP News Script is a special software specially configured for those who want to open a news site.
With News Software, you can have a professional news site in minutes.

Popular Features

Google Speed

The opening speed of the website is the first of the ranking factors by Google.

Advanced Panel

Management is very easy thanks to our advanced panel prepared with expert experience.

Google AMP & News

More visitor potential with our system fully compatible with Google News and Google AMP.

Max Gain

Get maximum profit from frontend prepared according to ad performance.

Advanced Management Panel

Would you like to meet our user-friendly management panel with long years of knowledge?

  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy Access and Use
  • Daily Records
  • Editor and Author Roles
  • Advanced Image Pool
  • Visual Reports
  • Mobile Support
  • Tags System
  • RSS Feed Support
  • Easy Ad Management
  • Online Visual Design
  • Advanced Settings

24/7 Support

We always try to be with you behind your news site at all times.

Secure Payment

You can make 3D secure secure payments with iyzico with a credit card.


By following the innovations closely, we are constantly making innovations and updates in the software.


We have left behind 15 years in the News Software industry and we wish many more years together.


As we enter our 15th year in the sector since 2007...

Many factors such as uninterrupted support for nearly 15 years, accessibility at any time, institutionalism and continuity, secure payment and usage may be one of the reasons for choosing us.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled the frequently asked questions for our News Software service for you.
For all other questions, please contact us.

Our software is not built on any CMS system infrastructure. So Wordpress, Joomla etc. It has been produced with its own infrastructure and software, not on ready-made systems.

It has an architecture coded with JSON and PHP on MySQL database. At the same time, the browser interface was prepared with CSS + HTML + JS.

For Cloud installation, it will be enough to order and update your DNS addresses. Our experienced technical team will make your site ready for publication and deliver it.
But for the private package, you need to provide your server information.

Our pricing varies according to the number of packages you will receive. For this, it will be sufficient to contact our customer representatives.

The license holder is required to send us the e-mail address of our customer, to whom he wishes to transfer the license, via notification.

We have free technical support when you buy any of the our products in the Cloud usage package safe and during your active use. Our free support period for private users is 1 (One) year from the order date.

We have Wire Transfer/EFT to our bank accounts, secure payment with your credit card and online payment options with Paypal.

If you can access your database and news images and send them to us, the transition processes are resolved by us. (Extra charged.)


More than 2200 customers around the world prefer and trust us.




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Technical support

What Was Said?

Customer satisfaction has always been the most important factor for us in the industry for nearly 15 years.
During this time, we publish the feedback of some of our thousands of users who prefer us.


We continue to offer the best and great prices according to your needs.

If you wish, you can order a 30-day free trial version.

Eco Package
7,99 $ / Month
Pro Package
9,99 $ / Month
Super Package
12,99 $ / Month
Private Package
299 $ / One Time
Initial Setup Fee 25 $ 25 $ 25 $ -
Quick Setup
Hosting -
Storage / SSD 15 GB 40 GB 100 GB -
Traffic / Visitor 1-30K 30-100K 100-300K -
Update -
Free Support İlk 3 Ay
Credit Card / Installment
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